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So, you struggle with your Forehand’s Consistency, Power & Control?

You find it difficult to hit winners when most needed?


Up to 90% Of Club Tennis Players can’t rely on their Forehand!

Most of club tennis players are never aware about using the right biomechanics the way ATP Pros do.

In fact, players are never taught how to play tennis the exact same way just like the best Tennis Pros do.

After 15 Years on court as a Pro Tennis Coach working with hundreds of players I have developed my unique training method & I have put together The Ultimate Forehand Blueprint Program that will finally help you to “Turn Your Forehand Into A Weapon”

Over the next few minutes, I’m going to prove it to you beyond any reasonable doubt…

Because I’m going to teach you my new 3-step, zero to slam framework…


A unique, new system that YOU can use IMMEDIATELY to massively increase your Power, Consistency & Control in Effortless way!

All in less than 4 weeks.

Yet, most people see BIG results in as little as just a few days on court…

“The PLB Tennis Method® from Jan Metelka has improved my game beyond what I thought was possible, together with training plan and the fitness techniques!” “Now, my forehand is just effortless, more effortless!”

Advanced Level Club tennis player, UK

“It feels great! I am now using my body to hit into the shots and getting an effortless power with it and I have improved so much this week, and its thanks to you Jan!”

Rob Powell, Advanced Club Level Player, London, UK

“Its been lot of struggle over the years, putting lots of effort, but now with Jan’s PLB Method its certainly more of an effortless power and much better forehand!”

Ian Robertson, Medium to Advanced Club Level Player, London, UK

“I used to focus on the swing and everything, but you are now making me focus on my legs, footwork and its really great, I can feel improvements and I am really grateful!”

Juanjo Morales, Medium Level Club Tennis Player, Barcelona, Spain

Would you be willing to take the next 5 minutes to learn about the PROVEN method that could change your Forehand and ultimately your tennis game, forever?

My name is Jan Metelka & I am a USPTR PRO Performance Tennis Coach.


Next to helping others as a Coach I am also a tennis player myself…

I used to compete on National and ITF Circuits and last years I’ve been winning most of my matches thanks to my POWERFUL and RELIABLE FOREHAND.

As a junior player, I was never there with my Forehand…

I had a good Serve that I used to rely on, but my Forehand was very, very average…

to be honest, when I was a High School kid I was winning my matches thanks to my Fitness and my Double Handed Backhand which was way more solid than my Forehand…

Then when I was 16 years old competing with some top players in the country something changed…

So, we sat down and started to analyze what had to be improved on my Forehand…

We spent hours and hours on court working on literally modeling my “NEW FOREHAND” on  ATP Pros Forehand…

We did break things down and we find out what I had to start doing…

just like Tennis Pros do…

after several weeks of hard work and focusing on 3 Crucial areas…

I still remember that first indoor winter tournament when I was 17 years old beating some Top County Players that I used to lose to just couple months ago..

But the best news is, that since I learnt the Pros Forehand Biomechanics I never looked back..

IT IS LIKE A Blueprint and right now I only rely on 2 things, my Serve and finishing points with my powerful Forehand..

So, I’ve been working with Club Tennis Players over the past 15 years on court.

Since working as a Pro Tennis Coach I’ve coached over 3000 players both on and off the court thanks to my Online Programs.

Up to 90% of the club players never focus on the most important elements that ATP Pros do on daily basis and this is what I brought into Club Level Environment.

I helped players to finally unlock their full tennis potential by showing them how to follow my UNIQUE STEP by STEP System that has been proven on court for the past 15 years which I now call The “PLB Tennis Method®”.

My systematic way of teaching will show you exactly what you need to start FOCUSING ON in order to be able to play the very same way just like ATP Pros Do…

In other words, you will know what to do and most importantly “HOW TO DO IT” and you will finally be able to play the way you always wanted to!

“just like me, when I was that 16 year old Junior player before I learnt what transformed my game…”

Lets face it, the chances are YOU were never taught “HOW TO PLAY THE VERY SAME WAY AS ATP PROS DO”…

This is why I have now put together the “Only Forehand Blueprint Program” out there, that gets into the most important areas of the game…

so YOU CAN ALSO NOW GENERATE those “Nice, Big yet Effortless Forehands” over and over again…

You see, most of “Online Coaches“ will only show you “How to Fix” – quick fixes and tips – like “5 Steps to Bigger Forehand” etc…

but these will never work if you don’t know how to use & engage your whole body in a very same way ATP pros do..

In fact, most of those “Coaches” never worked with players on court before, so they can’t show you what really works as they’ve never been there!

I’ve done the work myself and later on I have worked for years on court with players just like you…

and I know exactly what needs to be addressed as a MOST IMPORTANT in order for you to finally TRANSFORM YOUR FOREHAND!

And because I want to help more players all over the world now, that is why I have created “Turn Your Forehand Into a Weapon”

So you will know exactly what you need to do – to play just like Roger Federer or your other favorite tennis pro…

I’ve got a really cool experience from one of the club tennis players Andy, from London…

Andy went from average club tennis player to more advanced one now thanks to following my training method & completing my Forehand tennis training program.

and just after 1 month since starting the training, his tennis, not just his forehand, is at a completely different level!

“The PLB Tennis Method from Jan has improved my game beyond what I though was possible, together with training method + techniques and the fitness plan!” “Its just effortless, more effortless!”

Andy actually came down to train with me here in sunny Spain and we worked together for whole week of training on his biomechanics….

as before he came his forehand was literally all over the place. 

After that 1 week with me on court and applying exactly what is inside my tennis training program,Andy is now much more confident with his forehand stroke and actually starts winning more matches with his new Forehand…

(when this was not the case before)

Andy followed and applied everything I have showed him on the court and when he got back to London he kept on following my online tennis training program for next 4 weeks…

“Turn Your Forehand Into A Weapon” is a unique online tennis training program that will help you transform your forehand into a dominating weapon and you will finally start winning your tennis matches.

This full package is ideal for all adult club tennis players from medium to advanced level and is also great for juniors who want to step up their game.

About 2 months ago, Ireland based Roberto came down to Barcelona to train with me.

He told me: “I want to learn about your “PLB Tennis Method®” and I want to go back and finally win the Mens Tournament!”

I will be honest, Rob was pretty decent player already, but he was having exactly same signs as 95% adult club tennis players who come down to train with me, or who get my online programs…

He was just not aware about correct, effortless biomechanics…

so, first day, after hitting about 25 balls over the net, he was just exhausted…

so I worked with him for the next 5 days for about 4 hours a day and I explained to him all about my Method and how he can apply it into his game…

in 5 days of training we already had some great results, and I could see that he was suddenly not getting tired and his strokes were just much more effortless but way more powerful than on his first day with me…

when we finished our week of intensive training I gave Rob access to my online program, so he would keep going with his tennis transformation by following all the training sessions inside….

Here is Rob training with me:

Rob spent 5 Days with me on court to mostly focus on his Forehand as he wanted to finally start winning more of his matches…

This is what Rob sent me couple weeks later:

NOW… the question is this?

– Rely on your Forehand.

– Face players you could not face before.

– Win way more of your tennis matches & tournament.

– Ultimately feel more confident and enjoy tennis like never before.

It is what it is, only REAL ACTION TAKERS DO MAKE IT!!!

But…let me ask you one more thing?

(I do not charge less than that either, as real knowledge has a VALUE)

So, how many sessions you think you would need to massively transform your Forehand with a Top Pro (who knows what he is doing)…

and there are not that many, believe me…

Since I launched this “Effortless Forehand Blueprint Program” in 2018, it helped over 2000 club tennis players just like Rob and Andy and many, many others.

But this program is not for all players…

If I would charge way too little, it would devalue this program and it would not reach those players who are really, really KEEN on their improvement.

And imagine every tennis player in the club now having that Massive Effortless Forehand – nobody would be losing now??

To hit those huge Effortless Forehands anywhere you like…?

I mean what do you pay for a new pair of tennis shoes?

Sure they make you look and feel cool on the court…

I’ve played tennis for over 25 years now, and I don’t know anyone that’s ever won a tournament for wearing pricey, nice looking shoes…

So please understand, having a big, reliable, yet effortless Forehand is a very valuable skill!

And I’m dying to see how much it could change your game… so I’m going to do something very special for a limited time because I want you try it today.


– Once you sign up, I will IMMEDIATELY email you access to the members only area.

– There you can find EVERYTHING including training videos, worksheets, and all the details behind the step-by-step workout plan that will have you firing those Huge, Effortless Forehands in less than 4 weeks.

– You’ll find that every video is very easy to follow along in the program,

so you can be rest assured you’re doing everything 100% correctly. 

– You’ll find additional specific tips, tricks, and techniques I’ve perfected over the past 15 years to transform your Forehand.

After ordering “Turn Your Forehand Into a Weapon” you will be redirected to access page and also you will be emailed your username/password to log into the members only portal. Inside you will be able to access the complete Turn Your Forehand Into a Weapon program along with all of the Bonuses that come with it. You can access the members portal on any device connected to the internet and also via the TennisFit® App.

This program is perfect for all medium to advanced level players and also works great for juniors who wishing to step up their game. Also beginners will massively benefit as learning correct biomechanics right from the beginning is most important. This program is also great for Club Tennis Coaches who want to learn and help their players more.

Yes. You will need a tennis racket, tennis court and ball machine or partner to train with. You can also practice all at a tennis wall or with your tennis coach.

Yes. This program does not use any heavy weight lifting so you will not get injured. But of course you should check with your doctor before doing any physical exercise like tennis fitness program that comes with this program.

After ordering “Turn Your Forehand Into a Weapon” today you will be locked in and have lifetime access to the program. Your access to this program does not expire and you can log in as many times as you want.

Yes, and you will get the same if not better results even though you are training in-season. The flexible training program allows for you to plan your workouts around practice times.

Nope. In fact, you are the exact type of person who will see get the biggest results from this program. You have so much room for improvement that just a few tweaks will see you getting those nice effortless Forehands over the net.

After you purchase you will instantly be given a login to the members only site. Here you will be able to contact me anytime as well as ask me any questions you may have.

No. We’ve designed this program for busy people like us so you only need less than an hour max 2-3 times per week to get all the results from it. Of course if you have more time to really focus on it, then you will get better and faster results.

This program is a digital, online membership site meaning you get instant access to all the materials and videos the second you join, even if its 4am. Since there’s nothing to mail and no physical books etc, we can keep our program really affordable, saving you a ton of money for all this cutting-edge training.

Without a doubt and here’s why. All our payment processing is handled by a separate billion-dollar company that has been around for decades.

It’s called Clickbank and it’s responsible for millions of transactions per month with the latest security in place. We trust them wholeheartedly and have never had any issues at all.

We were very careful about who we decided to work with and these guys are the best, hands down. You have nothing to fear whatsoever and if you’re still nervous about it, feel free to pay with Paypal. We accept both Paypal and credit cards.

Yes! If you would like to get in touch with any of the players that provided testimonials just ask!

Disclaimer: Consult a physician and follow all safety instructions. Every effort has been made to accurately represent the potential of this training program. Results only represent players who really train intensively with focus. Of course, no guarantee can be made for every single player.

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Click here to get Turn Your Forehand Into A Weapon – Effortless Forehand Blueprint | TennisFit® – World's Ultimate Tennis Training App at discounted price while it’s still available…

All orders are protected by SSL encryption – the highest industry standard for online security from trusted vendors.

Turn Your Forehand Into A Weapon – Effortless Forehand Blueprint | TennisFit® – World's Ultimate Tennis Training App is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.

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