• Luntus Natural Cotton Rounds Reusable-Reusable Bamboo Makeup Remover Pads For Face-Reusable Facial Pads Facial Cleansing Toner Pads With Laundry Bag

    Safe and Soft Bamboo Cotton Fabric:Bamboo cotton is an soft and velvety material that is long-lasting,super absorbent,and naturally hypoallergenic.This biodegradable and ecologically sustainable fabric makes it a favorite choice for the eco-friendly people.which can remove waterproof makeup by breaking the surface tension of the ingredients that bonds your makeup to the skin when rubbing.It works effectively in removing dirt and oil in just seconds with a cleanser.
    Gentle Enough for the Most Sensitive Skin:These makeup remover pads are suitable for skin types including 99% sensitive skin,dry or oily skin and delicate eye area.super fluffy and soft,great to get deep into your pores and successfully pull all of makeup,chemicals,sunscreen,cosmetics out without any discomfort.It can be eye makeup remover,facial makeup remover,also works for eye shadow,mascara,lipstick,and More!These super soft and amazingly effective makeup remover cloth can be use
    Organic Clean Alternative:It removes 100% of your make-up away with any cleanser or toner,simply adding warm water to wet this makeup remover pad,gently removing makeup pads in a circular motion,and flipping cloth over and over until all makeup is removed,leaving your face instantly feeling fresh,soft,smooth and clean.our one bamboo makeup remover pads are equivalent to 1000pcs general cotton pads you would be happy how much you are saving.

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